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Through neurotherapy,  an effective and proven ADHD treatment, we provide a painless, non-invasive way to help alleviate symptoms associated with developmental and neurological disorders facing children and teens.

Latest research shows that migraines are neurological, not vascular. Neurotherapy provides natural migraine relief whereby the patient trains the hyperactive brainwaves that cause migraines and learns how to calm them down at will.

Anxiety is all too common in today’s society. With neurotherapy, we help the patient to retrain their brain to function more like when it does under meditation, altering the brainwaves for a more permanent solution to anxiety.


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Neurotherapy, also called ‘EEG Biofeedback’ and ‘Neurofeedback’, is an ADHD treatment that helps the patient learn how to modify his or her brainwave activity. It can improve attention, reduce impulsive actions, and control hyperactive behaviors.

Neurotherapy/biofeedback is also an effective for treatment of anxiety and migraines, all accomplished without any drugs.


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Our neurotherapy solution is entirely painless and non-invasive. External sensors are placed on the head to measure brainwaves during the treatments which involve visual cues.


Neurotherapy is a powerful alternative to common pharmaceutical solutions which often come with unwanted and often multiple side effects.


Unlike heritage treatments involving drug dependencies, neurotherapy creates changes in the brainwaves which become permanent after treatment.

 See How Neurotherapy Can Help! Book a Free Consultation Today.

 See How Neurotherapy Can Help! Book a Free Consultation Today.

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 See How Neurotherapy Can Help! Book a Free Consultation Today.